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Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

New drawing for the LBM

Hello everyone,

I again could not access my blog because I forgot my notebook cable at my parents's oO last weekend. Well, I am back and so I can update you a bit more on my preparations for the LBM. I did a new drawing, which will, if the prints turn out all right, hopefully be a beautiful, new postcard :) Keep your fingers crossed.

You know that I usually do my colouring with copics, but, to be honest, colouring with copics takes an aweful lot of time and so I switched to water colours. Even though I have to have some patience while colouring to let the colours dry if necessary it is faster and a lot of fun, too - and the colours I use are so vibrant (!).

I recorded the drawing process here for you and hope you like this little glimpse at how I work with water colours. Below the pictures you can find some explanations.

How do you like it?

Tadaa, done :)

The basic colouring is done, but now comes the re-colouring, corections and white ink.

Even though the colouring of the dress is complete here it is not yet finished. There are several more steps of redoing and re-colouring before I am completely satisfied.
After that I am working my way through the whole drawing doing bits and pieces here and there.

Then the colouring starts. I usually start with the lightest parts (usually that's the skin).

After that I do the clean outlines with water resistant ink. You have to be very careful during that step.

The first step is a very rough sketch (pink pencil), followed by a clearer sketch (black pencil).

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