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Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Connichi 2011 - the countdown

Long time no see, everyone! Wow, there already are so many readers! That's really amazing. Thanks so much guys! And finally I've got some news: This September it's again time for the Connichi at Kassel. I'm really looking forward to it because a lot of interesting things will happen.
First I will have a place at the Manga Market. I hope to meet many of you there. I will have a second edition of full colour prints, new ACEOs (Kakao Karten), buttons, postcards, bookmarks, and much more. Plus: You can win an original! I'm still working on it so I can't show it yet, but just wait and see.
Then there is also the release of the last edition of the shoujo-anthology "Blütenträume" by the German publisher Schwarzer Turm. You can see the absolutely beautiful cover (front and back) here. As the editor in chief I had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists and I was allowed to add a little gallery of my own paintings. If you're at the Connichi this year you can meet some of the artists (including me), get the new "Blütenträume", which is dedicated to the topic "dreamboys" this time, and get some signatures. I will certainly do that as I haven't met some of the artists in person yet. There is more to come so watch out!