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Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Manga-Mixx 8

Today I got my free copies of the newest Manga-Mixx, vol. 8. (If you want to know more about it have a look at the Mulle@Manga Mixx page here on my blog or click here.) And my first impression is: Wow! That's really packed. There are so many stories in there I don't know where to start. And they are from so many great artists I feel a little embarrased o///O Especially because my contribution is a little old (well, ca. 1 1/2 years now) and it's interesting to see for myself how I've developed (which means, that, yes, I do think I've developed since then). The great thing is that, at the moment, I really do feel like I want to start a bigger project and I already have some very precise ideas for it. I know there is so much I still have to learn, especially because I've never studied this kind of art or really learned it, but when I see something I did a while ago finally published it kind of gives you a great feeling and supports this idea. So if you do have any chance of getting the new Manga-Mixx, do it! It's worth it!!!

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Random Stuff

Here you can see a collection of some of the things that have been lying around in my folderfr quite some time. It has the form of a Meme (which is probably known to some of you who now and again visit deviantart). I hope I can finish some of it within the next weeks, especially my fanart with Cloud and Aerith (I have a pretty precise idea of what it should look like in the end - but who knows what will happen while I'm working on it oO).
Anyway, I always think that the most interesting pictures by an artist are those who give an insight into his or her working process (at least, that's what it's like for me). I usually try to avoid it myself (I'm, far too lazy to do the scans oO), but as some people kept asking about something like this I thought it was time I used some of my old stuff (and some of the new).
Those of you who have been visiting my blog for some time (thanks so much for that *kiss*) will probably remember the cancer badge at the bottom, which I did for my German publisher Cursed Side. The other two were also designs I made for that occasion, but only the cancer badge finally made it. The rest is fanarts and some things I thought I could use but so far didn't make it.