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Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011


Tataa, die Gewinnerin steht fest und zwar ist es: Ivyno!!! Meine Mitbewohnerin hat gerade den Namen gezogen. Vielen Dank an alle, die mitgemacht haben (insgesamt sind es 77). Ich verlose bestimmt wieder etwas. Demnächst gibt es erstmal ein paar Einblicke in alles, was ich sonst noch so mache.

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

MMC - the aftermath

Well, the MMC is over and I think that's enough conventions for this year! I really love Cons, but two in two months is pretty exhausting and I have to get back to work again.
However, I had so much fun meeting all my friends again. Here are some pictures:

To the left you see Naschi drawing her wonderful fanart of Haruka and Michiru which went directly into the tombola. Next are fukosei and kaorie preparing their table. Then there's Chizeru who had the great pleasure of sharing shelters with us XD (it was great fun!!!). Then there's Aisu who is such a sweet girl and amazing artist. Last but not least: Lancha. I took this picture Saturday evening and we were all extremely exhausted, but Lancha still looks so pretty!
This time, I had some time to explore the MMC myself, to spend my money on artbooks, mangas and many other things and watch parts of the programme. Naschi and me also met Yuuki, the super cute singer from Japan. Her concert was really good and she took a lot of time to sign autographs and CDs. I got her album "Blue Spiral" which is really good! I'm listening to it all the time!
And I also had time to take pictures of some really cool cosplays. There was this Cats-group from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Their cosplays were awesome! And I also liked the Sailor Mercury. The costume was very well done! I took a lot of pictures of other cosplays, too. And then I also bought some things, which I absolutely love. My absolute favourite is my new K.On figure!!! She is so adorable, super cute and done with so much detail! I simply love looking at her. Thanks to everyone who visited my table and bought some of my stuff! I hope you enjoy the little gimmicks! Oh, and keep my watching my blog! My original from the lottery is still in my possession because, unfortunately, nobody won it, so I will raffle it off here!

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

MMC here I come

Yes, it's almost time and my preparations are nearly finished. However, looks like it's not my day. Just as I was about to finish my original for the lottery at the MMC I spilled all the water (I was working with watercolours) right on the picture. Well, that's that... However, you will, of course, have the opportunity to win an original. I decided for an older one from this year (see left). I hope you're not too disappointed. I will redo the other one and let you know when I'm done with it.
I really do hope to meet many of you at the MMC. Please do not hesitate to simply come to my table and talk to me. I'm always happy to meet people!
I'll see you at the MMC!!!!!!!!!
Have fun there!!!!

Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

New stuff for the MMC!!

Next weekend the MMC will start in Berlin and I will be there together with my friends Nashi, kaorie and fukosei. You will of the chance to win originals, buttons, bookmarks, posters, and Kakao Karten with your favourite motives. I'm still working on my original, which you can see here
As a real change it will not be done with copics but watercolours! I really like working with this technique, although I am of course better with copics as I have more experience with them. Nevertheless, I will do my very best and you will see the final version of the original next week. However, I already finished the new buttons and I really like them:
Some of you may remember the little bat-like Flapflap on the left from last year. This is a new version of him looking at the stars. The buttons are ca. 3,7x3,7 cm and really adorable. I also finished a new bookmark which will be available with or without decoration. And you will also have the chance to get a copy of my new poster which was sold out at the Connichi. It will be limited to 5 copies so you should hurry. Besides that I will also have the newest volume of Blütenträume and Hungry Hearts with me, so you will also be able to get signatures.
As you can see, there's still a lot to be done, but I hope I can manage as the new semester is just about to begin and I'll be giving a seminar at my university, which, so far, has way too many participants oO. I'm really looking forward to meeting you at the MMC. Please do not hesitate to talk to me and to tell me your name. I hae a really bad memory of faces, so simply come and see me! ConHon_entries are waiting for you XD Mor info soon to come!

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011


I have a new friend in my personal 100 Acre Wood: Eeyore! Well, I've had an Eeyore before, but this one is much bigger and fluffier and everythinger *____* I love him and he is so sweet!!! He has already met Dinkels, my little mole spelt-pillow, and they've become great friends. Right now the two of them are lying in my bed and keeping each other warm cause it's really cold in my room. But the best thing about Eyeore is: He love's manga!!!! And I have to admit that he's got a great taste in them because the first one he chose was D Gray Man XD! While I was watching the TV series on Animax (I just love it!!!) he asked me for the manga version and I gave it to him. Evere since he can't get his cute nose out of them. Well, he knows what's good *______* I'm sure you'll hear more about him in the future. I still have to introduce him to my cats. We'll see how that works out oO

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

MMC Vorbereitungen und sonst so

I really have to work a lot at the moment because next to my job at the university I also have a job at a vocational school. However, I'm really trying to get along with my preparations for the MMC (and I am sick again oO - life ain't fair!).
However, I finally managed to finish an arttrade for a friend of mine. We agreed on some of the old, wonderful series and I chose Aishite Night for her.

Here you can see some intermediate steps and the final version. I hope she will like it! It took me a long time to finish it, also because I couldn't really decide on the final version.
Besides that I am also working on a little gift for my friends in Berlin. They'll probably read this here, but the pictures don't show everything yet. It's just a little glimpse.

I'm sorry the quality is not very good (that's my lousy camera), but maybe you can imagine what it will be like. The original is A3 and I still have a lot of work to do.
I am also trying to get along with my own project.
Okay, now with this there's really a lot to be done yet, but I will not give up! I've decided that, no matter what the risks, I will try my best with an idea of mine. We'll see what will come of it.
I hope you like these little insights into what I am doing at the moment. Thanks for all your comments lately!!! I'll let you know about our projects for the MMC in a few days and: Keep your eyes open for my Christmas lottery! You'll find it here on my blog! I wanr give away too much yet, but you can win some original ACEOs!!!
If you do have time and want to see some wonderful drawings, have a look at the blog of some my friends. For example Nashi, who will also be at the MMC and who is an amazing artist!!!
More to come soon!