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Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

New stuff for the MMC!!

Next weekend the MMC will start in Berlin and I will be there together with my friends Nashi, kaorie and fukosei. You will of the chance to win originals, buttons, bookmarks, posters, and Kakao Karten with your favourite motives. I'm still working on my original, which you can see here
As a real change it will not be done with copics but watercolours! I really like working with this technique, although I am of course better with copics as I have more experience with them. Nevertheless, I will do my very best and you will see the final version of the original next week. However, I already finished the new buttons and I really like them:
Some of you may remember the little bat-like Flapflap on the left from last year. This is a new version of him looking at the stars. The buttons are ca. 3,7x3,7 cm and really adorable. I also finished a new bookmark which will be available with or without decoration. And you will also have the chance to get a copy of my new poster which was sold out at the Connichi. It will be limited to 5 copies so you should hurry. Besides that I will also have the newest volume of Blütenträume and Hungry Hearts with me, so you will also be able to get signatures.
As you can see, there's still a lot to be done, but I hope I can manage as the new semester is just about to begin and I'll be giving a seminar at my university, which, so far, has way too many participants oO. I'm really looking forward to meeting you at the MMC. Please do not hesitate to talk to me and to tell me your name. I hae a really bad memory of faces, so simply come and see me! ConHon_entries are waiting for you XD Mor info soon to come!


  1. Ich muss unbedingt bei euch vorbei kommen und mich eindecken!!!!

  2. Und ich liebe die Buttons einfach :D

  3. Danke X_X Die Buttons kamen auch sehr gut an. Von dem Pingu hab ich nur noch drei und der Flapflap war sehr beliebt.