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Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011


I have a new friend in my personal 100 Acre Wood: Eeyore! Well, I've had an Eeyore before, but this one is much bigger and fluffier and everythinger *____* I love him and he is so sweet!!! He has already met Dinkels, my little mole spelt-pillow, and they've become great friends. Right now the two of them are lying in my bed and keeping each other warm cause it's really cold in my room. But the best thing about Eyeore is: He love's manga!!!! And I have to admit that he's got a great taste in them because the first one he chose was D Gray Man XD! While I was watching the TV series on Animax (I just love it!!!) he asked me for the manga version and I gave it to him. Evere since he can't get his cute nose out of them. Well, he knows what's good *______* I'm sure you'll hear more about him in the future. I still have to introduce him to my cats. We'll see how that works out oO


  1. Ich mag ihn auch *_________*
    Und ich war je kürzlich erst in nem Disney Store <3
    Er sieht glücklich bei dir aus :D

  2. Ja, ich denke, er ist auch ganz glücklich und er ist so super süß!!!