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Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

Thanks to LemonNeko

I'd almost forgotten to show you this. It's a ConHon-entry for LemonNeko, the girl who organised the Doujimarket at the LBM this year. It was so much more comfortable to have your table and to be sure that you could simply come there whenever you wanted and did not have to run through the halls as soon as the doors opened. So Apfelkeks and some of us decided that we would thank her with some drawings and presents and this is what I did for her. It's a coloured sketch of one of her avatars. I hope she'll like it and organise the doujimarket again next year.

Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Cheerio everyone,
I'm back again with some signs of life! The LBM is already long gone, but only now have I managed to upload some of the pictures. *God, I'm so lame* However, I promised you some pictures, so here they are. To the left you can see my table at the LBM with the postcards, prints (they are almost all gone, except for the Christmas prints - well, I guess it wasn't the right time of year for them XD), the buttons, bookmarks, etc. The sales went well and I hope I can afford some more coloured prints as people really liked them and kept asking about them (I simply love my new scanner which is sooooo good with the colours and which helped a lot in making the prints so brilliant!) To the right you can see the final version of my postcard which I also did as one of the coloured prints (this one really sold well and I was almost sorry, that I hadn't done more of them as so many people kept asking). I also took a lot of pictures of people in great cosplays. I can't show you all of them, but here is a group with just a perfect cosplay. Do you know what they are? *_*
When I saw them I simply had to take a picture. Whoever you guys are, I really loved your cosplays!
By the way, have I already shown you my new crayons? They are polychromos and their colours are so beautiful. I just love them and I always use them for all kinds of paintings. I know they are somewhat expensive, but I really use them for months and they are so good on my Deleter paper, which I use for my ACEOs. If you do have the chance of buying some, do it!
At the moment I am busy with some competitions and the publication process of the new Blütenträume for the German publisher Schwarzer Turm. However, this last weekend we celebrated Easter and I did a little suprise ACEO which I sent to a lot of people (around 40). I hope they've all received their letter by now (I know some are still waiting for it, but I promise you'll get it soon). Happy Easter to all of you!

Samstag, 9. April 2011

***busy part 2***

Hello everyone,
God, I am such a lazy person. Well, not really, but I'm always working a lot and now I am on facebook oO which means that I am spending even more time on the internet. But, let's be honest! How can you not be on facebook these days? I have so many friends who are simply not answering my e-mails anymore so the only way I can contact them is via facebook! Well, now I'm there...
I am working on a lot of things at the moment, at my real job and as a mangaka, so I hope I can let you see some things soon. I'll try to upload some pictures from the Leipzig Book Fair this week and also some pictures of what I've been doing during the last months. **God, I wish I had more time or needed less sleep.**
By the way, the AnimaniA did a short interview with me at the LBM which will probably be on the DVD that goes with the magazine in the next issue in May. It was really exciting! (Thanks, Anne, for thinking of me! And I hope you like your little blue plushie bean *_*)
More to come soon! Keep your eyes open or visit me on facebook XD