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Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

What's the thing between Mac and HP?

Okay, I wanted to continue the live tutorial, but, unfortunately, I can't! The reason is as simple as it is annoying: Mac is simply not able to communicate and work with HP products. Whether it is my HP printer, digicam or scanner, it's simply not working! I've got all the necessary software etc. and still it's not working. Whenever I scan a jpeg (e.g. the steps for the live tutorial) the software on Mac (which is especially for Mac!) simply takes hours to process even the smallest image! So now I took my extremely large and heavy HP scanner with me for nothing because I didn't take my own but my laptop from work with me!
So, instead of this live tutorial I decided I will simply finish the drawing and do another live tutorial for a spring painting when I'm back home after Christmas where I have my own, extremely old, non-Mac laptop which is able to work with HP hard- and software. I'm really sorry for that, but, believe me, I've tried everything, even contacting some experts on the problem. I hope you'll be okay with that. The live tutorial will come in spring.

Besides that:
I'm wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Thanks for watching my blog and your comments!!! I'll definitely continue like this and hope you'll do, too.

Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

Continuation Live Tutorial

Sorry guy, I've been a little sick during the last weeks and terribly busy with the jobs (why does everybody seemingly want to finish everything just before Christmas? oO). However, I'll continue the tutorial this week XD

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Live Tutorial - Skin II

So here is the next step. As you can see in the detail to the left the different layers lead to different depths. The girl has a second layer of the same colour and the boy a third layer with a deeper skin colour. However, for me, this is still not deep enough. So I add a fourth layer with a crayon and, because it's really warm and cosy in the workshop (cuddle time!!!), I use a light pink crayon for a healthy colour on the cheeks. However, as the other areas are still blank the skin colouring looks somewhat out of place. This will change as soon as the colouring progresses. Also important: I'm never completely satisfied with what I'm doing, so I will now and again continue working on the different areas (I already know that I will probably deepen the shades of the skin colouring).
How do you work when colouring? Maybe somebody has the same technique?
I'll finish the skin of all the elves and fairies today and let you know about their clothing tomorrow. I'm thinking about green uniforms because red is Santa's colour and these are his helpers.

Live Tutorial - Skin

Okay, guys, I thought I would be able to start this earlier, but I only now find time to go on with the tutorial.
So I am doing the skin at the moment because this is usually the first thing you start with as it is, usually, the lightist colour which sets the tone for everything else. If you look closely you can see that I work in layers, so I use one and the same colour for the base. It doesn't look like much, but for the way I'm working it's necessary. I've already decided that I don't want the workshop to be too full of light, but rather make it cosy and homely, so I did not leave blank spaces as the basic skin colour, which you can do if the light is very strong.
Of course so far the colouring of the skin is basically nothing: it has no depth and no shades, which is what I'll do next...

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

Livetutorial - Outlines

As announced I will start my live tutorial today. Unfortunately, my drafts are usually done in such a light tone that I cannot scan them (you wouldn't see a thing and I sometimes have times recognizing the pencil lines myself oO). So we'll start with the outlines right away:Tadaa, it's called "The Christmas Workshop". I did the first draft of this about more than 1 1/2 years ago, but never felt like finishing it. Then I rediscovered it some weeks ago and thought it would be really great to finally do something about it. For the outlines I used ink and a Maru-pen. I simply love this pen because you can draw such delicate lines with it.
So, the next thing I'll do is think about an overall colour scheme and start with the colouring of the skin.
Can you see how many Elves and Fairies are in the picture? The person who gives the right answer will have the chance of winning an original ACEO. The procedure is the following: I will now and again ask questions and those of you who give me three correct answers in a row will be in for the lottery. One will win an original ACEO!