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Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

What's the thing between Mac and HP?

Okay, I wanted to continue the live tutorial, but, unfortunately, I can't! The reason is as simple as it is annoying: Mac is simply not able to communicate and work with HP products. Whether it is my HP printer, digicam or scanner, it's simply not working! I've got all the necessary software etc. and still it's not working. Whenever I scan a jpeg (e.g. the steps for the live tutorial) the software on Mac (which is especially for Mac!) simply takes hours to process even the smallest image! So now I took my extremely large and heavy HP scanner with me for nothing because I didn't take my own but my laptop from work with me!
So, instead of this live tutorial I decided I will simply finish the drawing and do another live tutorial for a spring painting when I'm back home after Christmas where I have my own, extremely old, non-Mac laptop which is able to work with HP hard- and software. I'm really sorry for that, but, believe me, I've tried everything, even contacting some experts on the problem. I hope you'll be okay with that. The live tutorial will come in spring.

Besides that:
I'm wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Thanks for watching my blog and your comments!!! I'll definitely continue like this and hope you'll do, too.


  1. Das echt schade ._. aber das ist so die Macs werden doch extra so gemacht,dass sie nicht mit anderer Software kompatibel sind^^" warum die das auch immer so machen. Hoffe das nächste Tutorial klappt dann :)

  2. Ja, ich weiß, deswegen will ich mir auch rivat auf keinen Fall einen Mac holen, so gut die Dinger sonst auch sind, denn alle technischen Geräte, die ich sonst so habe, sind von HP. Ich frage mich nur immer, warum es dann für diese Geräte überhaupt eine Mac-taugliche Software gibt. *grummel*