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Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

New Buttons

I don't know how I managed, but I really made some new buttons for the Animaco this weekend and I only want to cuddle them XDDDD!!
I used some of the Chibis I designed for the handmade bookmarks because people really loved them, so I hope they will love these too ^-^
They are bigger than my usual ones (roughly 3,8 cm), but they too will be limited to a specific number (I haven't yet decided which, but probably 10 or 12).

Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

Animaco's coming!

Cheerio everyone,
I know it's been a bit quite these last weeks, but that's because I've got a bad cough, a little fever and sevaral other things. What's more I'll be changing my whereabouts soon, meaning: I'll move into another flat (unbelievable how much stuff you have after living in a flat for more than five years oO). So I'll be pretty busy for the rest of the month. What's more: The Animaco's coming! And I still haven't prepared a thing oO
Well, whoever will be there you will have the chance of winning beautiful things in the lottery which I'll do together with kaorie, Ocean's Art, fukosei and Nashi. And my friend Sawyer will be there too (maybe she'll also join the lottery) with her cuddly plushies.
I will also have some new buttons. They'll be larger than the usual size and I hope you'll love them *____________* I already do ;3

Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

Kalender 2011 - 2. Auflage

Auf Grund der Nachfrage werde ich im November eine zweite Auflage meines Kalenders für 2011 drucken lassen. Wenn ihr auch Interesse habt, euch einen zu sichern, schreibt mir einfach einen Kommentar (oder auch eine ENS auf animexx, dort findet ihr mich unter m-u-ll-e). Bitte nur ernst gemeinte Mails!
Wenn ihr wissen wollt, welche Bilder sich im Kalender befinden, wühlt euch doch ein bisschen durch meinen letzten posts. Hier rechts gibt es auch noch eines als Anreiz XD
Zur Erinnerung hier die Daten für den Kalender:
Er hat die Größe A5, zwölf Seiten und ein Cover, Vollfarbe, Schutzfolie, Ringbindung mit Aufhängung. Er kostet 11 Euro (reine Druckkosten) plus 1,45 Porto (wenn ihr in Deutschland wohnt).
Anmeldeschluss für Vorbestellungen ist der 31.10.
Ich freue mich auf eure Bestellungen!

Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010


People keep asking me what I use to do my outlines. That's actually very simple: I use ink and mulitliner (black and sepia). For all those who do not know how to use ink here are some explanations:
I think the pens I use for inking are the ordinary ones: Maru-Pen (for very delicate lines - the right one) and G-Pen (the bigger one) for thicker lines and blacking. I really love using ink, although you have to be very careful. You always have to ink from left to right so that you do not smudge the wet lines. But if you use the right ink it dries really fast. Some people use very expensive ink, but to be honest sometimes the best ink is not the most expensive one. I use Pelikan ink number 17. The best about this ink is: it's waterproof! That's very important especially for me because I do my colouring with copics. The picture you see to the left is an extract from a short manga I did. I used ink here, as ink is very vivid and really good for animated things. I think I prefer ink to multiliners, although those come in handy when you have to draw straight lines like in the right drawing which is another sneak peek from a project I am currently workig on. *_* What do you prefer? Or do you use something completely different? I also sometimes like simple pencils.

Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

Just got home...

As I am just back from a conference and as I will be very busy working during the next week I thought I might upload another picture from the calendar. They all arrived at their new owners' and I got a really good feedback! Thank you all so much for that! I am happy you appreciate them and the work I put into them! Oh, and there are no more to get. The last two are gone. I got some more requests, but as long as these do not reach a certain number I am not thinking of a reprint. But we'll see...
(This is the Mr. September ;3)