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Montag, 28. November 2011

Live Tutorial in December

Cheerio everyone,
For this December I'm planning a kind of live tutorial here on my blog. I'll colour a Christmas drawing and will immediately update with photos and scans whenever I'm doing something so you can directly follow the progress of my work. You are always invited to ask questions or give comments on what I'm doing.
The best part is: Now and then I will pose a question and whoever answers the question has the chance of winning an original ACEO ( a hand-painted trading card).
So I will start the tutorial on Thursday with the outlines. Hopefully, I will finish the drawing until Christmas. I hope you'll enjoy it and comment a lot!!!

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

I hope you'll all have a wonderful first advent!!! Enjoy the day with your family. Maybe some people already have snow, others may enjoy the fading autumn. Christmas is approaching *_______________*

Freitag, 25. November 2011

New stuff

Hello guys, I hope you're enjoying autumn and are already looking forward to Christmas. I really am and I've already finished a Christmas drawing with my OC Minu. It took me forever to finish it because I was unsure what to do with it. But now I'm really satisfied. Sometimes it's good to take some time for what you're doing. You can buy the picture as a print on Deviant Art
Besides that I'm also working on some commissions. You can see one I've just finished here. It's an OC of Arani from mexx. I really liked working with these dark colours and the flowers in the background. Unfortunately, you cannot see the gold effect, which is very beautiful in the original and gives it a kind of 3D-look. I hope I can finish some more commissions this weekend,although I have a lot of work to do. If you are interested in commissions, I still have some open slots in my Journal on Deviant Art or you can order a commission via e-mail or note on DA and animexx. Have a Happy First Advent this Sunday!!!

Für alle deutschen Leser: Ich werde in meinem Blog auf animexx einige Mangas und Animes verkaufen, weil ich einfach Platz brauche. Vielleicht ist ja etwas für euch dabei.