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Mulle @ Cursed-Side

(September 6th, 2010)
There is another button I made for Cursed Side, which you will be able to buy together with a collection of Zodiac buttons at the Connichi in Kassel. I designed Cancer, which is my Zodiac, so I was really happy. I hope you will like it and the others. They are all Zodiac Bishies.

(August 6th, 2010)
At the Anmagic you already had the possibility to buy one of the new buttons from Cursed Side which I designed. For those of you who did not have the chance to go to the Animagic you will have another chance at the Connichi in Kassel. I call the button "emodeath" X_X
Some of you may know the little, cute skull (yes, this skull can be cute) from the cup I designed for Cursed Side. I don't know if there are any cups left, but you'll certainly have the chance to buy those that are left at the Connichi