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Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Calendars arrived!!!

Yes, it took a loooong while, but they are finally here and I love them! Well, they really already arrived on Monday, but I had so much work to do that I couldn't post about their arrival. But now they are here and the new printer really did a very good job and the surface of each print is so smooth and the c o l o u r s are really good. There are only two left, so if anybody should be interested please write me a comment.

Chaos has a name...

... and yes, it's mine XD Due to a conference this weekend I will be pretty busy so I thought I could upload some new stuff and some impressions of my work.

Usually I'm a very tidy person, but whenever I get caught up in my work I develop an incredible chaos around me. Well, I guess that's somehow necessary if you want to be creative. Here you see everything I need to create a picture: lots of copic markers, a cup of hot chocolate (which is always empty and that far too soon oO), my beloved rubber, a pencil and crayon sharpener, ink and some cute gimmicks on my desktop that always encourage me to go on *_______________*
Ah, yes, and then I have to tidy up oO

Dienstag, 14. September 2010


Some of you may already have noticed that the calendar for 2011 did not make its appearance at the Connichi. The reason is a broken printer at the copyshop and so I am still waiting for their confirmation for the new prints. I hope I will have the final copies by Monday, but who knows what will happen, one of my teeth broke today, so I really can't tell oO
In order to give you something as a treat here is another calendar sheet. It's called fruit tea *-*

Connichi gimmicks

And here they are my new absolute favourites from the Connichi XD Aren't they cute? I discovered them on the last day and I just had to buy them. I never knew there were Berubara-kids, but I am really happy I found them. My friend Sawyeralso has three (Oscar, Antoinette and André, only that her Antoinette is pink whereas mine has this absolut cute baby blue!). I hope I can get some more of them one day.
I also bought a wonderful new artbook, one I've been wanting to have for quite a while. It's called 100 masters of Bishoujo painting and I love it. Actually I'm really proud because I didn't spent too much money this time, which isn't really easy for me usually. *-*

Montag, 13. September 2010

Connichi - Résumé

Still very tired and physically exhausted I can announce that the Connichi is over and was successful and a lot of fun! It's really fascinating how long all the preparations take and then it's only three days which go by like a rustle of autumn leaves and suddenly it's all over. I really enjoyed it and most of the things I did where really favourites for a lot of people. My Winter poster and the Angel Love postcard are sold out and the buttons are all gone. The mugs were also pretty successful and there are only three left, so maybe I can bring them to the next convention which will probably be the Animaco at the end of October in Berlin (I'm not sure yet). I also did a lot of ConHon-entries. I always feel really bad when I do not have the time to do a decent entry, but I hope you will forgive me for that. Friday and Sunday I had a little more time for it so I hope that those are better. I also purchased some wonderful stuff (I will upload a photo of my favourite gimmicks this afternoon - I just love them - you will see what I mean). So far, thanks a lot for being there, all of you whom I met and finally got to know by face. It was really wonderful and I am sure my original paintings are in good hands. More this afternoon...

Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

You can win this!

Yes, I really made it to finish the second original you can win in my lottery! I really hope you like it!It's very me and very Shoujo!!! The size is A4 and I used ink, copics, pastel chalk and screen tones.

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Kitten Love mug - limited edition

I really wasn't sure if I could present this to you, but after I've seen it today I am absolutely happy that I will be able to sell my first own mug at the Connichi. Well, I've done a mug before for Cursed Side, but if you're doing something like this completely on your own it's really something different. The print is a little darker than what you see here, but it's still soooo lovely XD You can get the mug for 6,50 Euro and it's limited to 10 copies. It's title is Kitten Love ^-^

Montag, 6. September 2010

Stuff ...

The Connichi is approaching fast and there are a lot of new things for you. First, the drawing you can see to the right is one of two originals you can win in my lottery. There will be a lot of other prices, like bookmarks and buttons and only very few blanks. As I really love kimono drawings I decided to do this one. I hope I can upload the second one by Wednesday. A batch is 1Euro and for everything you buy (so not only in the lottery) you will get a ConHon-entry for free (otherwise they are 50 Cent). Second, I made some new bookmarks for the Connichi. Some of the handmade type. I really didn't think that the others would be so successful and now almost all of them are gone. As I didn't only want to have two of them, which are all that are left, I made some new and I hope they will also find some good-hearted new owners. You can decide the price for yourself. The minimum is 5 Euro.
Third, you can buy a collection of new buttons at Cursed Side. I had the honour to design one of them. They are the zodiacs and I designed Cancer, which is my Zodiac, so I was really happy. If you like buttons you should definitely get the whole collection. A lot of really great artist participated in it and I am so happy I am one of them *-*
There are only two days left, but there is still a lot more to upload.