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Dienstag, 14. September 2010

Connichi gimmicks

And here they are my new absolute favourites from the Connichi XD Aren't they cute? I discovered them on the last day and I just had to buy them. I never knew there were Berubara-kids, but I am really happy I found them. My friend Sawyeralso has three (Oscar, Antoinette and André, only that her Antoinette is pink whereas mine has this absolut cute baby blue!). I hope I can get some more of them one day.
I also bought a wonderful new artbook, one I've been wanting to have for quite a while. It's called 100 masters of Bishoujo painting and I love it. Actually I'm really proud because I didn't spent too much money this time, which isn't really easy for me usually. *-*

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