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Montag, 13. September 2010

Connichi - Résumé

Still very tired and physically exhausted I can announce that the Connichi is over and was successful and a lot of fun! It's really fascinating how long all the preparations take and then it's only three days which go by like a rustle of autumn leaves and suddenly it's all over. I really enjoyed it and most of the things I did where really favourites for a lot of people. My Winter poster and the Angel Love postcard are sold out and the buttons are all gone. The mugs were also pretty successful and there are only three left, so maybe I can bring them to the next convention which will probably be the Animaco at the end of October in Berlin (I'm not sure yet). I also did a lot of ConHon-entries. I always feel really bad when I do not have the time to do a decent entry, but I hope you will forgive me for that. Friday and Sunday I had a little more time for it so I hope that those are better. I also purchased some wonderful stuff (I will upload a photo of my favourite gimmicks this afternoon - I just love them - you will see what I mean). So far, thanks a lot for being there, all of you whom I met and finally got to know by face. It was really wonderful and I am sure my original paintings are in good hands. More this afternoon...

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