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Montag, 6. September 2010

Stuff ...

The Connichi is approaching fast and there are a lot of new things for you. First, the drawing you can see to the right is one of two originals you can win in my lottery. There will be a lot of other prices, like bookmarks and buttons and only very few blanks. As I really love kimono drawings I decided to do this one. I hope I can upload the second one by Wednesday. A batch is 1Euro and for everything you buy (so not only in the lottery) you will get a ConHon-entry for free (otherwise they are 50 Cent). Second, I made some new bookmarks for the Connichi. Some of the handmade type. I really didn't think that the others would be so successful and now almost all of them are gone. As I didn't only want to have two of them, which are all that are left, I made some new and I hope they will also find some good-hearted new owners. You can decide the price for yourself. The minimum is 5 Euro.
Third, you can buy a collection of new buttons at Cursed Side. I had the honour to design one of them. They are the zodiacs and I designed Cancer, which is my Zodiac, so I was really happy. If you like buttons you should definitely get the whole collection. A lot of really great artist participated in it and I am so happy I am one of them *-*
There are only two days left, but there is still a lot more to upload.

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