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Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

As time goes by ... so many things happen

My dear ones,

so many things have been happening during the last weeks. First, I moved to another apartment oO So exhausting, but it's almost done. Second, my Dawanda Shop is really going well. So many things, especially originals, have sold so quickly, I was really surprised oO. I hope I will have enough stuff left for the conventions this year. Speaking of conventions: the next one is just around the corner: the Chisaii Con in Hamburg. You can not only visit me at my booth, but I will also give a workshop on Shoujo drawings :) The number of participants is limited, so hurry up.
Besides all of that I didn't have the time to do much drawing, but as I am in sickbed at the moment I will maybe find the time to draw a bit more. Here is a notebook I did as a thank you gift to one of my regular customers at Dawanda. She is a great fan and I appreciate that a lot. See you all soon!

I chose this picture as a silent protest against the extreme heat we had during the last weeks *fanning*. I am more a mild climate person and I love autumn, spring, and winter. Summer, however, is not really my thing if it's too hot.

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  1. Voll schön. Wie hast du es eigentlich geschafft es leuchten zu lassen?