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Samstag, 31. Mai 2014


Good morning y'all,

I am currently very busy because I am moving and I also have a lot of work to do at university oO It's so typical, whenever you do something like that it all comes together.

So I have no time for big artworks. However, I've been doing some chibis lately. I had to do a Chibi Esmeraude from Sailor Moon for a project on Facebook and I liked her so much that I started drawing other Sailor Moon characters as chibis. Here you see the first four I did (well, actually five as Ale an Ann are a pairing, of course).
I love the design of Ale and Ann. Actually, the colour combination is hilarious, but it works just fine with these two, so you can see how the Sailor Moon designers are really great artists.

Fisheye is quite an ambigious character for me. On the one hand, he is extremely unnerving, but on the other hand the design is unique. I mean, look at that bubbly fish costume oO

Helios doesn't appear too often so he is very special for me and he helped a lot that I started liking Chibi Usa a bit better.
Esmeraude was the first one I did for the project. Her German voice is very unnerving, but I love her green hair.
There will be surely more Sailor Moon characters as chibis so I hope you are looking forward to that.

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