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Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

Rainy days...

A sleepy good morning to you all!

It's been raining during the last days óÒ and somehow this has also effected my mood. I could sleep all day and simply do nothing *Zzzzzz*. Tinkering and drawing is a good therapy against that. So whenever I am feeling a little depressed I shut myself up in my room, have a good movie running to entertain me and simply tinker all day. Concentrating and doing things yourself is a great way to cheer yourself up and so yesterday I continued my Aijima drawing and also made some more postcards. Yes, I am making handmade postcards. I either use them myself, hand them out as giveaways or sell them.

In June, there is a wonderful event where all artists in my home Bundesland will open their doors and give an insight into their work and sell handmade items. It is called Kunst offen and it is really worth an outing with your family. I will take part with my father, hwo is a wood artist. Have  a look!

I really need to decide on the light and shadow of this drawing oO Ah well, there is still time :)

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