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Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

Morning progress

Good morning to y'all!

It is still quite early, but because I usually work and study during the day until the late evening I often use one or two hours in the early morning to continue with my paintings and drawings. I'm an early bird ;3 (oh, don't let my cats here that ^^)
So I could do some details for Aijima's face, which looked a bit weird without eyes. If you compare the  pictures from the last post and this one you can see the enormous difference eyes can make, that's why they are so important in manga and anime. However, this is also only an inbetween-step. The very last strokes will be done shortly before I finish the picture.

I think it looks almost 3D, doesn't it?

Well, I also did some more drawing, but I'm gonna keep that for later.

Have a lovely day! Work is calling!


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