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  Here you will find all information concerning my publications in the Animexx Manga Mixx!

(Monday May 16, 2011)
Today I got my free copies of the newest Manga-Mixx, vol. 8. (If you want to know more about it click here.) And my first impression is: Wow! That's really packed. There are so many stories in there I don't know where to start. And they are from so many great artists I feel a little embarrased o///O Especially because my contribution is a little old (well, ca. 1 1/2 years now) and it's interesting to see for myself how I've developed (which means, that, yes, I do think I've developed since then). The great thing is that, at the moment, I really do feel like I want to start a bigger project and I already have some very precise ideas for it. I know there is so much I still have to learn, especially because I've never studied this kind of art or really learned it, but when I see something I did a while ago finally published it kind of gives you a great feeling and supports this idea. So if you do have any chance of getting the new Manga-Mixx, do it! It's worth it!!!

(Sunday Apr 10, 2011)
As you can see on my main page I am working on several things at the moment and some of these things include some Manga-Mixx editions which will be released this year and also probably the next (due to the publishing process). I hope I can give you a sneak peak of what is coming XD)

(Thursday Dec 23, 2010)
It's finally available! You can now buy the new MangaMixx 8!!! And I'm sure it's great with all the fantastic artists involved. For more information click here.
The cover already looks great and I feel really honoured that it features one of my stories. Again, you can have a look at the story here. Or see below.

Hopefully the new Manga Mixx 8 will be available at the Connichi in Kassel this year. You will find in it a short story I did for the competition last year. And, believe it or not, I won! I was so happy and even though there still are a number of mistakes I really like it and I am glad I got the chance to publish something like this. If you'd like to have a look at it, click here.
It's a soft Shounen-Ai story (though I have to admit that the blonde girl you can see to the left, her name is Sharon, is my favourite character). I hope you will like it. Keep your eyes open for some more stuff I will do in the future. But, pssst, that's still top secret XD