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Dienstag, 31. August 2010

Postcards for the Connichi

I've finally finished some of the things I've been working on for (as it seems to me) ever o.O But it really looks like there will be some new stuff. For example these postcards. One of the images you already know: The "My Love... Always" postcard will also be available as a poster. I decided not to do that many posters, as I still have some copies of the images from last year, but instead make some more postcards, buttons, bookmarks, other gimmicks, etc. The "Merry X-Mas" postcard shows an image which will also be in the calendar for next year. Actually the picture has the beautiful title: "All is aglow" XD (hach, so romantic). The third postcard shows an image which is a little older. Some of you who visited me on conventions during the last year will probably remember that I already had a postcard called "Angel Love" which had the same style as this one, which is called "Devil Love". I didn't make it to produce this one as a postcard last year (which I had actually intended), so I decided to do it this year. There is more to come soon ...

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