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Sonntag, 8. August 2010

New! Calendar for 2011!!!

I decided to do another calendar for 2011. Some may still remember the calender I did last year with Zoria. This time it will only be my drawings and you can either get it at the Connichi (please be aware that there will only be a very few calendars available at the Connichi as I do not earn anything with them but only print them according to demand) or you can send me a message or leave a comment here with your address).
The calendar will have the following features:
size: A5
12 calendar sheets and one cover sheet
design: paperboard back, spiral binding with a little hanger so you can put it on your desk or hang it on your wall
prize: 11 Euro (plus 1,45 postal charges, of course only if you cannot come to the Connichi)
Please only reserve a calendar when you are absolutely sure that you can and will buy one! Payment of course should be made in advance so you will get the calendar as soon as the money is safe here with me XD
The pictures show you some of the drawings I've already done. Maybe you'd like to guess which painting will feature in which month *_*
More to come soon...

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