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Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

Animaco's coming!

Cheerio everyone,
I know it's been a bit quite these last weeks, but that's because I've got a bad cough, a little fever and sevaral other things. What's more I'll be changing my whereabouts soon, meaning: I'll move into another flat (unbelievable how much stuff you have after living in a flat for more than five years oO). So I'll be pretty busy for the rest of the month. What's more: The Animaco's coming! And I still haven't prepared a thing oO
Well, whoever will be there you will have the chance of winning beautiful things in the lottery which I'll do together with kaorie, Ocean's Art, fukosei and Nashi. And my friend Sawyer will be there too (maybe she'll also join the lottery) with her cuddly plushies.
I will also have some new buttons. They'll be larger than the usual size and I hope you'll love them *____________* I already do ;3

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