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Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

MMC - the aftermath

Well, the MMC is over and I think that's enough conventions for this year! I really love Cons, but two in two months is pretty exhausting and I have to get back to work again.
However, I had so much fun meeting all my friends again. Here are some pictures:

To the left you see Naschi drawing her wonderful fanart of Haruka and Michiru which went directly into the tombola. Next are fukosei and kaorie preparing their table. Then there's Chizeru who had the great pleasure of sharing shelters with us XD (it was great fun!!!). Then there's Aisu who is such a sweet girl and amazing artist. Last but not least: Lancha. I took this picture Saturday evening and we were all extremely exhausted, but Lancha still looks so pretty!
This time, I had some time to explore the MMC myself, to spend my money on artbooks, mangas and many other things and watch parts of the programme. Naschi and me also met Yuuki, the super cute singer from Japan. Her concert was really good and she took a lot of time to sign autographs and CDs. I got her album "Blue Spiral" which is really good! I'm listening to it all the time!
And I also had time to take pictures of some really cool cosplays. There was this Cats-group from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Their cosplays were awesome! And I also liked the Sailor Mercury. The costume was very well done! I took a lot of pictures of other cosplays, too. And then I also bought some things, which I absolutely love. My absolute favourite is my new K.On figure!!! She is so adorable, super cute and done with so much detail! I simply love looking at her. Thanks to everyone who visited my table and bought some of my stuff! I hope you enjoy the little gimmicks! Oh, and keep my watching my blog! My original from the lottery is still in my possession because, unfortunately, nobody won it, so I will raffle it off here!

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  1. Schöner Bericht über die MMC. Hab mich total gefreut den zu lesen *O*
    Es war total schön mit dir dort zu sein ^^