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Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

MMC Vorbereitungen und sonst so

I really have to work a lot at the moment because next to my job at the university I also have a job at a vocational school. However, I'm really trying to get along with my preparations for the MMC (and I am sick again oO - life ain't fair!).
However, I finally managed to finish an arttrade for a friend of mine. We agreed on some of the old, wonderful series and I chose Aishite Night for her.

Here you can see some intermediate steps and the final version. I hope she will like it! It took me a long time to finish it, also because I couldn't really decide on the final version.
Besides that I am also working on a little gift for my friends in Berlin. They'll probably read this here, but the pictures don't show everything yet. It's just a little glimpse.

I'm sorry the quality is not very good (that's my lousy camera), but maybe you can imagine what it will be like. The original is A3 and I still have a lot of work to do.
I am also trying to get along with my own project.
Okay, now with this there's really a lot to be done yet, but I will not give up! I've decided that, no matter what the risks, I will try my best with an idea of mine. We'll see what will come of it.
I hope you like these little insights into what I am doing at the moment. Thanks for all your comments lately!!! I'll let you know about our projects for the MMC in a few days and: Keep your eyes open for my Christmas lottery! You'll find it here on my blog! I wanr give away too much yet, but you can win some original ACEOs!!!
If you do have time and want to see some wonderful drawings, have a look at the blog of some my friends. For example Nashi, who will also be at the MMC and who is an amazing artist!!!
More to come soon!


  1. das Aishite Night bild is wirklich klasse.
    das einzige was ich persönlich nicht mag ist ... die Lippen von ihr sind mir zu presänt und das errötete Gesicht is mir auch zu viel aber sonst ein Meisterwerk :D

    echt toll.

  2. Danke, dass ist sehr lieb XD Auch danke für die Kritik *___*