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Montag, 10. Februar 2014

More impressions

Good morning to y'all!!!

I hope you had a great weekend and are now ready to start into another week. Fortunately, I have two days off before I have to work again, which allows me to use my time to get things done I've had to do for weeks (like doctors' appointments and stuff) and I can also use the time to prepare the Leipzig Book Fair, which is coming up in March. Will any of you be there this year? It is the first time that the LBM gets ist own Manga Convention (which is understandable considering the mess many people, especially cosplayers, created during the last years (sorry, I don't mean that all cosplayers are little piggies, most of them are just great people, but I've been there during the last years and I've seen it). So, hopefully, I can manage to upload some more of the things I did during the last weeks to show you in time what I am preparing for now.

The drawings you can see here were also part of the ACEO Christmas Calendar I did. All of them were bought by different people. I know the upper right one may look familiar to you, but after the MMC last year this scissor cut ACEO was the only one left of the set I did so I decided it should be part of the Christmas Calendar. I am very happy that it was bought by a girl who also purchased most of the other scissor cut ACEOs. She is a big fan of those and has been following my work ever since, especially on my Facebook page, which you are also welcome to visit.

Have a nice Monday and a lovely start into another week!


  1. Ich werde auf der LBM sein. Ich bin Samstag den ganzen Tag da und besuche dich bestimmt kurz an deinem Stand. Wenn sich also ein kleines Mädchen bei dir als Bonsai vorstellt, weißt du das bin ich. xD

  2. Oh, okay, das muss ich mir merken. Am besten sagst du mir dann, dass du hier auf dem Blog geschrieben hast. Bonsai ist übrigens ein süßer nickname.