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Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

More and more drawings

The two days off I had inbetween work are over, but I think I was able to use the time really well. I accomplished most of the things I wanted to accomplish and I am very happy that the first buttons from the printing have arrived and I just love them! I am sometimes not very lucky with prints so I am all the more happy that these worked out just fine.

 I'll show them to you as soon as possible, but before that there are some more cards from my Christmas Calendar. We're already through half of them, but to be honest, I did another Christmas Calendar with ACEOs, but this one is was for friends - and I haven't even finished it yet because I am
busy with the preparations for the LBM. oO

Well, I better hurry then because I hate not finishing things - although I sometimes tend to forget that I had planned finishing something oO
I hope you had a nice Tuesday. The middle of the week is almost there and then it's almost weekend :3

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