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Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

New live tutorial

Okay, as promised, here comes my new live tutorial. After the disaster with the HP-Mac-incompatability I will try to do it completely without my Macbook and simply use my really old (9 years) Laptop. For this tutorial I will also try something I haven't done for a long time, so it will be a real challenge - and maybe it won't work out at all oO. But let's first see the picture I want to do:Tataa!! *__________* Yeah, I know, you can't see anything, but that's because I usually use a light blue, erasable pencil for the first sketch and my sketches are really light. Sometimes I have problems recognizing anything myself. So here is a processed version which allows you to see the sketch:
I want to finish it for my father's birthday (which is around the middle/end of February). He loves nature, so I added a lot of flowers and I hope it will be really colourful. In my imagination it already looks magnificent- but, well, that's my imagination and a lot of things are happening there that never come true in real life. The next step will be to transfer the outlines from this size,which is A4, to a bigger size because I want the original to be in A3. How that works I'll show you in the next step.

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