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Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Tutorial Step 2 and 3

Okay, after several days of a terrible cold (I really hate being sick! It effects you in such a strong way!) here comes the next step of the tutorial:After the light blue sketch I do the real sketch with an ordinary pencil. But this size is still A4 and, as I already told you, I want the final original to be in A3. So now I enlarge the sketch to A3 and transfer it from an ordinary sheet of paper to water colour paper. Et voilá, the second step is done. Although it sounds that easy it's quite unnerving becuase by now I've made the sketch at least four times.
Before I finally start with the colouring I prepare my work place. I use no special water colours but basically everything I have.
As you can see, my sketches are always very light. Sometimes I use ink when working with water colours, but I want the colours to be really vibrant and more natural so I do the outlines only with a pencil. After that I use a water colour pencil for the first layer of skin. When I work like this the area I'm working on always has to be wet to make the colours smooth. The lighter the colours the more water I use, the darker the less. So I work until I'm satisfied with the area, which does not mean that I am completely satisfied, I will always make adjustments while I'm working. But this is basically step 3.


  1. benutzt du auch aquarellstifte oder nur die näpfchen?^^

  2. Hallöchen! Ich benutze sowohl als auch. Einige Farben finde ich im Stift besser,andere im Napf. Manchmal kommt es auch darauf an, wie groß die Fläche ist oder was genau ich damit zeichnen möchte.