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Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Original drawings for the winners of my tombola

Some weeks ago I did a tombola on my Facebook page with some leftovers from the Leipzig Book Fair. There were two winners who also won two original drawings, one with water colours and one with pencil. Here you can see the results.

A dear friend sent me a sample of the Colorex skin colour, which is absolutely fabulous! The winner of this one, Rebecca, had no special wishes, so I chose this lovely, little lady.

Unfortunately, the scan of the pencil drawing is really bad oO Minka, the second winner, wanted the cute version of Charlotte from Madoka. The original is much better, but I hope Minka will see this when the package arrives.

There is a lot more to come because I try to draw in every free minute. I hope you are looking forward to it :)


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