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Samstag, 26. April 2014

A treat to my blog readers

To give all of you who are so ardently reading my blog a little treat here are some pictures I took during the process of drawing my new Easter artwork.

Maybe this answers some of the questions some of you have been asking lately:

Here you see the first steps. I use simple water proof ink as well as Maru and G-Pen for the outlines. It dries very fast and I can immediately start with the colouring.
I start with the areas for which I already know the colours, which are not many oO. I always decide during the process of colouring which colours I want to use. So you could say I don't really have a concept oO :) Almost all of drawings are done ad lib.
Here you can see a detail of the egg colouring. Because the pattern is very detailed and I usually don't have the patience for such minute things I use rubber crepe (the shiny texture). It's very easy to handle. Simply apply it before you colour, let it dry, now use the colours you want to use, let those dry again (hach, patience - it's such a difficult thing) and rub it off, either with your finger or a rubber. Et voila! You have created a beautiful effect without breaking a finger.

More Details will follow :)

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