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Sonntag, 27. April 2014

Mulle's drawing process - part II

Today I will continue the little insight into my drawing process with example pictures from the Easter artwork I did (see below). Yesterday I showed you the first two steps and how I use rubber crepe.

Here you can see how I slowly develop the artwork. Like I told you before, I decide on the colours while I'm colouring, which means that I sometimes sit in front of the artwork for quite a while just looking at it and thinking. I try to imagine how this or that colour may look like. Here I wanted the enframing circle to somehow fit Hanako's dress (the ribbon and the egg) and at the same time to stand in contrast to the other areas which would be in yellow-greenish colours.
However, because I was really unsure how to colour the circle, I did the details in advance. In this close up you can see that the first layer of colouring is always very basic (and that mistakes happen all the time oO). I usually do three or four different shades of an area until I am finally finished.

There is more to come in the next days.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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