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Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

Preparation for Conventions

Hello to all of you,

after a week of holidays in France I am back and can draw a bit more and prepare for some conventions that are coming my way in September and October. However, my visit to France also gave me some input. In a really nice comic shop in Montpellier I found two beautiful (and rather cheap) artbooks by the wonderful artist Shiitake - no, not the mushroom :)

I had seen some of her drawings some years ago and immediately recognised them when I found the artbooks. Here you see the cover of one of them. The drawings of her fairies are really inspiring. The texts are in French, but if you had French at school you can understand most of it.

Besides that, I started to work on a Kobato fanart lately. I just love the series. It's short, it's sweet and the characters are lovely. That's how I like my Clamp best. I was also lucky and bought many of their complete series for a relatively low price on ebay. Now my shelves are piled with Clamp ;3 I love that! I think from the very beginning and ever since I read X and Magic Knight Rayearth these four amazing artists have influenced me the most (next to Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon and Ghibli films). So I hope I can do the series justice.

As usual I am working on several drawings. To the left you see a sketch of my character Minu. I want her to feature in many of my paintings as she represents a lot of myself. To the right is a summer drawing I am doing for my mother. The hair has already cost me some nerves and several hours. I don't know whether I will finish the drawing in time as we have our birthday on the same day and it's in July, but I'll do my best!


  1. Alle drei Bilder sehen schon mal toll aus. Beim ersten Bild stelle ich mir eine Nacht-Szene vor.
    Kobato hast du wunderbar getroffen. Ich habe von der Serie fast alle Bände. Es fehlen noch etwa zwei Stück. Das dritte Bild hat echt unglaublich viele Details bei den Blumen. *_* Ich freue mich auf die fertigen Versionen!

  2. Oh, dann solltest du dir unbedingt auch noch die restlichen beiden Bände besorgen. Die ganze Story entfaltet sich erst so richtig im letzten Band. Für das erste Bild habe ich einen Sternenhintergrund im Kopf ;)