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Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Drawing, drawing, drawing

Yesterday was a really bad day. Do you know these days when you just don't know why all this bulls**t happens to you? Yes, it was one of those days. Drawing always helps me in those times (as does my boyfriend). I think only because I finished my Kobato fanart yesterday and because my boyfriend was sitting next to me watching how I smeared white paint all over his parents' living room table I managed to enjoy the evening. I will let you see the complete painting when I'm back home and have my scanner, until then enjoy this detail.

When I draw I always like to surround myself with beautiful objects or beings (like my cats ^_^). I don't know, but somehow their beauty always helps. I guess that is also reflected in my drawings. I know they usually don't have a deep meaning, but I think they reflect the beauty I see in ordinary things and relationships - for example between Kobato and Iryogi-san. They love each other unconditionally just like I love my cats or like I enjoy the light reflected from the green tea I had yesterday.

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