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Dienstag, 18. März 2014

It's done - The Leipzig Book Fair 2014

It's all over - last weekend I went to the first Manga Comic Convention, the new Con of the Leipzig Book Fair. It was incredible! The organisation was just amazing and I met so many nice and wonderful people. I am really happy that so many came to visit me and were so nice as to tell me who they were - I am really bad with remembering faces, I sometimes have trouble recognizing myself in the mirror oO

Many of the things I had are completely sold out, but for those of you who couldn't make it to the LBM I will start my Dawanda shop and probably also an Etsy shop during the next weeks. But before that here are some impressions from the wonderful convention.

This was my little table at the LBM. Thanks to the new organisation we finally had enough space and I could easily do my ConHon-entries.

One of the many ConHon entries I did. Cute girls were most people's favourites.
But I could also do some gender bender entries :)
 And this is my lovely Output! Some things I got as presents and some I bought!
Thanks again to everybody for such an amazing convention! I had great fun!!! And I'll keep you posted on all the ConHon entries that I still need to do for I took some work home with me.