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Montag, 14. März 2011


Hey guys,
at the moment I am really busy with all the preparations for the Leipzig Book Fair. Although there are still a lot of things to do I thought I might let you see some things that are already finished and some things I've been working on lately.
On one of the pictures above you can see a photography of a painting I did for my father's birthday. It will also be a new postcard which you can buy at the LBM. It took my ages, but as I did it for my father it was a lot of fun and it reminded me again of how much I love working with colours. You can see the complete image on animexx or deviantart. It's called "Colours of Spring". I also did some new handmade bookmarks for the LBM. You can see them at the bottom and at the top. They are all originals and I loved doing them. I always feel like a child again whenever I do some tinkering, that's why I love it.
The second picture at the bottom shows you a huge ACEO. Well, it's not really huge °-°, but it's four single cards in one. I did it for an event on kakao-karten.de. The theme was, as you can probably see for yourselves, Clamp's "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle". I did a lot more thing, which I will soon show you, but now I have to get back to work.
By the way, thanks a lot for watching my blog!!!!!

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  1. wanna have one of those as well!
    By the way, it would be great if you could stop by here:
    because I´d give a lot on what you think.