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Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

New design and header

Hey guys,
how do you like my new design and header? I felt like giving my blog a new face so I played around with some of the gadgets. The header shows a detail from one of my older paintings which I really love. It was a birthday present for my father last year.
Oh, and you have to try playing with the little fishes to the right. They will follow your cursor and you can even feed them X_X *love it*


  1. Haha, I spent around 10 Minutes watching those fishes when I saw them for the first time. *___* They are so cute.
    And I like the blogdesign very much. :3

    1. Thanks so much *______* I love the fishes, too. No matter how often I look at the blog I never get bored of playing with them.

  2. das design is sehr schick ^^
    aber bei mir is das banner nich mittig und etwas verschoben o.o soll des so sein? o.o
    ansonsten ist es schlicht aba schick ^^

    1. Ich glaube, ich sehr das hier auf meinem Desktop wieder anders, aber die Einstellungen haben auch kein richtiges Feintuning. Ich muss es mir mal auf meinem anderen Rechner ansehen.