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Montag, 23. April 2012

Back from the deep

Yes, it's been a awefully long time ... again, but sometimes work is killing me and I almost have no time finishing the things I want to finish. Right now, however, I've got enough of work. I want to do soemthing else than just work. Do you understand what I mean? You work and work and work and what do you get? Nothing. So now, it's enough. I want my f***ing life back and a big part of that is drawing and being creative, so that's what I'll do in my freetime which I claim again.
To really get that going I've got a new sketchbook and I'll let you see some of the stuff I've been doing lately. To the left you can see a drawing I did for my dear friend Kai who is a big Fujimoto fan and also has a great costume which he's sometimes wearing to conventions (I love that pink wig!).
Besides, for the German people here: Ich versteigere in meinem Weblog auf mexx gerade das Original, dass ich für die LBM gezeichnet hatte (siehe unten). Vielleicht möchte ja jemand mitbieten! Es würde mich sehr freuen, wenn es einen neuen Besitzer findet, denn ich hatte mich vor der LBM innerlich schon so davon verabschiedet.
In other respects, enjoy this International Day of the Book. I've just finished the second part of the Hunger Games-trilogy and I really liked it. I've also seen the movie. I didn't expect too much, but the very good cast, especially Jennifer Laurence, really made it an awesome movie!
See you soon!


  1. awww ponyo!!
    ich liebe den Film
    und das Bild is wirklich sehr sehr gut geworden

  2. Danke! Ich liebe den Film auch sehr, vor allem die wunderschönen Hintergründe.