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Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Sailor Nostalgia

Cheerio everyone,
I've just finished this drawing of Sailor Jupiter. I did the outlines quite a while ago and had already started the coloration. However, I really didn't like it. It was simply too dark and Jupiter is my favourite soldier, so I did it again with basically no real, strong outlines.
I was always interested in the idea what the soldiers might have become in later lifeand I think Makoto would definitely have opened her own café. So this shows her maid outfit. She'd do her own cakes and biscuits and sell them to a lot of happy customers. About a year or so ago I also did Minako. I know some may not like the idea of showing her that way, but she's the Goddess of Love and she's simply beautiful, AND all the important parts are covered. *________*


  1. beides sehr schöne ideen und gedanken. wenn gleich ich bei minako ein wenig stutzig geworden bin. das outfit ist doch sehr "freizügig". aber ich könnte es mir an ihr gut vorstellen.

  2. Ja, aber es soll ja auch ein Pin up darstellen. Aber es ist schon seltsam. Viele empfinden das so und ich frage mich, ob sie es auch so empfunden hätten, wenn sie nichts angehabt hätte. *_*