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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011


Cheerio everyone,
The new year is already under way and I am working again. On the one hand, I have some commissions to do. You can see some of them here (these are ACEOs, I'm still working on some larger things. The one you can see twice are two ACEOs for dear Etain). And on the other hand, it is already save: I will be at the LBM 2011 (the LBM is the Leipziger Buchmesse which will take place in March). I am really lookig forward to it and I am absolutely happy that the organizers decided to have applications for the doujinshi-market this year because last year was a total chaos. So I will hopefully see you there together with my friends Nashi, kaorie and fukosei. We will again think of some wonderful goodies which you will be able to buy and win. I think I will also sell some of my older originals and a lot of ACEOs.


  1. These are amazingly beautiful ACEOs!!

  2. Ui, Mulle hat auch einen Blog... *wink* Da werd ich doch gleich mal ein bisschen rumgucken. Deviantart sei Dank. ;)
    *Grüße dalass*
    manekineko (von Animexx/kakao)

  3. @Katihleen: Thanks alotXD I'm glad you like them!
    @Carrie: Hola, wen man hier so alles trifft XD *greetz*