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Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Final Fantasy XIII - surprise, surprise

In the beginning I was not really convinced by FF XIII, but now I really like it, especially because there are some very interesting characters and the settings and backgrounds are just breathtaking.
Fang is definitely my favourite. First I thought I wouldn't like her as her design is quite unconventinal, but for me she really turned out one of the most interesting characters. And she's strong, that's always good.

I really only wonder who ever thought of creating a couple like Snow and Serah. I mean, let's be honest: He's a hottie but looks like a bear in contrast to Serah who acts and looks like she was twelve. oO Isn't this against the law? At least it should be. In my opinion she could have been more feminine and not so girl-like. But whatever...

In general I really like FF XIII even though the first 40 hours are kinda boring. But the official guide promises a lot of fun after the story is over XD

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