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Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Impressions from the ChisaiiCon

Hi guys,
the ChisaiiCon is over and it was great! I met so many nice people and did so many ConHon entries (my hand usually hurts after a Con). I unfortunately fell sick after the Con, but I still want to show you some impressions.

 My booth at the Con. There wasn't much space, but we managed all right :) And most of the stuff was sold.
 I, of course, had to buy something for myself and because I am big K-On fan I had to get this adorable Yui figure. I think she is so cute!
 A ConHon entry I did for a lovely girl. It's her OC.
 I personally really like this ConHon entry I did. Lisa visited me several time sand also took part in my workshop.
I also do fanarts as ConHon entries. Here's a Rin for a big Free-fan! She freaked out (positively) when she saw a Free fanart in my folder :)

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